Saturday, November 23, 2019

24 Christmas Group Gifts!!!!

You will get TWELVE group gifts from CHANGED SEASONS.....AND TWELVE group gifts from my friend and neighbor the incredible makeup creator TONE 2, this Dec, so please make sure you and your friends are in and STAY in these groups now while it's only 100L to join.

PLEASE NOTE!! Group membership between Dec 1 and Dec 25 will go up!

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Hello November! So thankful for all our shoppers support this year.

Winter has arrived at the sim and we have teamed up with our neighbors Tone2 and created a fun snowy place to ice skate, relax at the Coffee & Cocoa Bar, shop and take beautiful holiday pictures!  Come and see but bring a coat...bbbrrrr!


          Female Path                                                                                                    OLS Path


Black Friday Bazzar : Nov. 22nd - Dec. 1st

UP! : Nov. 1st - 15th

ALL THINGS EVENT : Nov. 1st - 25th
Autumn Festival

SPOTLIGHT : Nov. 7th - 22nd

TWE12VE : Nov. 12th - 30th

HASHTAG : Nov. 16th - 30th
"Black & White"



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Fifty5 Thursdays


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Summer is about to begin ~ Welcome June!

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